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As current shop owners, and with over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising, we know how to get the phone to ring and customers to your front counter.

We also know the importance of having confident, well-trained team members to speak with your customers. There are no short-cuts when you’re dealing with customers, especially in today’s economic climate.

Our Marketing, Management and Advertising Solutions Include:

  • Direct Mail Postcards
  • Shared Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Specialty Mailings
  • Phone skills
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Financial Management
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Market Analysis
  • And more!
  • Call Tracking Numbers
  • Complete Graphics Service
  • Print/Postage/Trucking
  • Delivered to Mailbox
  • ...all for less than the cost of a stamp

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Advertising Answers is so much more than an advertising company. The power of their direct mail, shared mail and the host of other products they offer work, period. If you want car count call them. Their value added training program has drastically changed my business, family and overall life."

"When I started working with Advertising Answers years ago, I had no idea the impact he would have on my life. Working with Advertising Answers, I've doubled my car count, revenue and profit. I consider them as partners in my business."

"Advertising Answers and its team truly care about your business. My goal was to understand how to advertise my business. I can assure you today, I fully understand how and why I must advertise. The power of advertising has allowed me to own the market around my shop. The knowledge and advertising vehicles Advertising Answers has to offer continues to exceeds my expectations."

"Advertising Answers is a GAME CHANGER for your business. Be prepared for what Advertising Answers calls the wave. It's more like a tsunami. If you advertise customer will come and I mean come."

"I've watched and been a part of Advertising Answers growth over the years. Their turn-key approach has made my advertising effortless. Great program!"

"We experienced immediate results, response rates that have exceeded all previous ad programs we tried. The ad campaign "Car Trouble? We Fix Everything" say's it all, Advertising Answers and its team have been a blessing."

"The knowledge gained by the demographics and research was beyond what I could have ever understood; much less pull it all together. Advertising Answers takes all the guess work out of advertising! I had no idea the amount of information available for me, about my customer and then how to use it. Advertising Answers got us in our customers' homes and the phone to ring."

"This is a forward thinking company that's ahead of the curve. Our industry is slow to change. Advertising Answers delivered a system approach to operate our shop. Their Key-to Key-to-Callbacks business model brought clarity, insight and creativity to our business. They understood our market intimately, making it possible to put forward detailed plans for taking our business to the next level."

"I have been advertising with Advertising Answers for the past 3 years, their advertising gets results PERIOD! I rely on Advertising Answers for all my advertising needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Our passion for the auto repair business combined with our 25 years of professional experience make Advertising Answers an ideal marketing and advertising partner for Independent, Franchise, and Dealership Automotive Service Centers nationwide.

Bill Brusard

As the president and founder of a successful auto-repair service center, Bill Brusard has a unique perspective of the automotive repair and service industry. Bill provides long-range vision, sets a strategic focus and spearheads the growth of JB Auto CARE and Advertising Answers.

Bill started out as a dealership technician in 1990 and moved up through the ranks over the years. In 2002, Bill founded JB Auto CARE. He has led the company through its start-up and expansion and has grown it into a successful operation. In 6 years time, JB Auto CARE’s 4 bay shop had tripled its customer base to over 600 cars per month. While capturing a large share of the market place, Brusard decided to expand his shop to it’s current 8 bay service center.

Since forming JB Auto CARE, Bill has been passionate about the automotive industry and helping others. With the help of some other shop owners he created his second career. Advertising Answers, a direct mail company, is focused on helping other shop owners grow their repair business by strategically marketing their business and running a successful proven concept.


Dan Decaro Dan

Dan is the owner and founder of CarSmart Auto Service-33 years in business in St Louis, Mo. Growing up as an ASE Certified Master Technician and later graduating from the business program at the E-Myth Academy, Dan has seen and experiences what it takes to be successful in the automotive repair business. Over the years through 20 groups and many great automotive professionals Dan has had the pleasure to learn from the best in the industry.

Through Advertising Answers and being a shop owner, Dan can not only provide clients a great turn-key direct mail program but also the tools for growing their business.


Darrell Whitton

As the president and founder, multi-million dollar auto-repair service center, Darrell has a passion for the automotive industry that started in 1986, when he became manager of a Gulf service station. That experience has given Darrell a unique perspective of the automotive service and repair. In 1994, Darrell founded Crossroads Automotive, A 6 bay automotive service and repair center, leading the company through its start-up and expansion to 12 bays in 1997. Darrell's so passionate about helping other shop owners enhance and grow their automotive business, he and two other shop owners launched a second career, Advertising Answers. A direct mail company specializing on helping other shop owners realizing their dreams of promoting and growing their business through our proven marketing and operating concept.

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